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Inventory Management

Funds, customer and supplier friendly inventory

The more inventory you have, the more it costs.
The more it costs, the less you earn.

  • Increases expenses associated with storage costs, insurance, taxes and interest on loans.
  • Increases the occurrence of product obsolescence & the chance of pilferage and waste. Return of unsold inventory and delay in payments makes the supplier unhappy.

The less inventory you have, the less sales are made. The less you earn.

  • The customer does not like to hear "out-of-stock" or "no-have".
  • Cost of lost sale kills. Customer goes to another store.
  • Negative word of mouth.

The less inventory you have, the less sales are made. The less you earn.

  • The customer does not like to hear "out-of-stock" or "no-have".
  • Cost of lost sale kills. Customer goes to another store.
  • Negative word of mouth.
VSR Solutions Ltd® MercantilePOS™ 6 helps you to keep right inventory by putting a check on slow-moving and non-moving stock. It result in speedy inventory turn that increase profits and smoothen other retail processes.


Error free handling of large number of inventory SKUs

Manually recording item X while buying and selling item Y causes stock mismatch. The result is unreliable inventory report. MercantilePOS™ 6 barcode integration eliminates these errors and also speeds up your purchase and sale process.

MercantilePOS supports all formats of barcode including popular one like UPC, EAN and GS1. Barcode designer and one-click-generation of barcode-labels minimizes the human efforts and reduces the scope of errors.

Inventory Hierarchy

Correct categorization is mother of all MIS

The retail stores often need to stock thousands of products. It makes it difficult for a store manager to keep track of each item. Categorization helps them to group complimentary or supplementary products together. It helps them to drill down to different level where attention is required.

However people make common mistakes while doing categorization of products. Our innovative procedures helps you to avoid common mistakes and create a meaningful and industry standards hierarchy. It helps you to know category wise purchase, sale and margins. It helps you to quickly adjust the category parameters for higher inventory turn.

Re-order Management

Speedy Inventory Turn

The reorder level, is the point when the minimum stock level for a stock-item is reached and a purchase order should be issued to re-order the item. In other words, when you need to reorder a product to avoid running out of the item. MercantilePOS lists the products for you those are near the reorder point. It helps you to set up the re-order point along with quantities.

Purchase Management

Happy supplier with efficient supply and extended credit.

MercantilePOS instantly displays last purchase details, auto-fill last prices, and separate classification for each purchase and to track and monitor good and bad business associates. It also helps to create a correct master when you are adding new products.

Sale Management

Enhanced customer experience

Point-of-Sale, a do–it–yourself section of MercantilePOS Inventory. It shoulders the responsibilities of an operator and boosts her for greater productivity. A concise, to-the-point and ready to use options loads them like a soldier on a war-front.

Stock Maintenance

Better receiving, storing, issuing and physical verification of inventory

Plan your merchandize by quickly looking at its performance in your inventory book. MercantilePOS generates a few selected and finest inventory reports that facilitate an entrepreneur in making the right decision at the right time.

Opening Stock

Easily automate an existing store

You can simply scan the product UPC/EAN and provide information such as quantity, cost price, MRP (maximum retail price), sale price and other dimension like size, color, design, etc. as applicable.