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Mobile and Web based Reporting

Access reports from anywhere. Choose from various platforms. Use your own server and database

A Conscious Retailer would like to access the Retail information from mobile devices.

  • MercantileMobil is cloud based software that allows you to directly access data from your own server situated at your store. It comes to you as add-on to MercantilePOS and you can access it from any smartphone, tab, laptop or desktop.
  • It supports multiple platforms – Windows Phone, iPhone, iOS and Android.
  • It shows Sale Analysis, Stock Vs Sale, Target Vs Achievement etc. It significantly improves your productivity and enables rapid and informed decision-making.
  • Despite power and scope, MercantileMobil minimizes your IT overhead with self-service reporting and on-demand analysis. Its powerful reporting delivers rapid ROI (return on investment) at an attractive TCO (total cost of ownership).

Benefits of MercantileMobil

  • Access from any device – Smartphone, Tab, Laptop and Desktop
  • Runs on multiple platform - Windows, iPhone and Android
  • It’s easy, natural and awesome user interface saves your precious time while using it for the first timeusing it for the first time
  • Significantly improves business user productivity
  • Enables rapid and informed decisions
  • Minimizes IT overhead
  • Self-serve reporting & on demand analysis
  • Delivers rapid return-on-investment and attractive total-cost-of-ownership